Stand-out capabilities for game-changing brands.

We set out to create a cohesive ecosystem of marketing data and analytics, manifesting this in a  highly commercial and highly consumable, beautifully simple and intuitively intelligent way.

Built on Microsoft technology for robust, easy to use and deeply integrated experiences, the 10th Man marketing intelligence platform fuses expert perspectives with fresh, engaging aesthetics.

Bring in the sources you want for immediate decisions and harness additional analyses, ongoing optimisation and live fine-tuning. And with Brand gravity and other interfaces, the whole team can instantly see where you’re at and make the choices that count. Step forward that culture of continuous optimisation and innovation you’re striving for.

“We can now deliver advanced insights at speed, giving our client teams a winning edge. The power and flexibility of 10th  Man means we can bring in any kind of data from almost any system, and rapidly turn it into actionable insights with harmonized data and standards.”
Jerod Overley
Jerod Overley
Group Director Analytics & Data Science

Brand gravity™ – single-screen view of a brand’s performance

Today’s brand interactions are amorphous and fluid, with paths to purchase increasingly non-linear.

We’ve responded by innovating a customer interaction framework to embrace this shift, snapping your brand campaigns to the framework to monitor health, velocity and impact. We then made this extra awesome by wrapping it all up in a single-screen, highly visual tool called Brand gravity™.

This high-impact interface gives you and your extended teams a constant, 3600 view of actual versus plan performance, directly aligning these outcomes to attaining the brand’s commercial goals. Plan. Align. Optimise. Report.

Data discovery – rapid access to any data.

We started by creating Data discovery to super-charge your analysts and data scientists with rapid, single-click access to all of your brand’s performance marketing data. We then took the exception rule and ran with it.

There’ll always be a need to pull-in left field data from an emerging source or run a perspective you’ve not allowed for before. From POS and store sales, economic forecasts, NPS to inventory and supply chain data, connect and customise what you need. When you need it. Including one-click access to machine learning toolsets to fire up experiments on your brand data on demand. Time stands still for no one, so we thought we’d help.

Click & connect – your data in a snap.

Connectors like they ought to be. From Adobe Analytics to Criteo, Seismic to IAS, SEMrush to Pinterest and beyond. Insights in minutes, giving you a left-to-right perspective of your brand universe across platforms, networks and properties. All normalised with our unified data model.

Everyone has their niche platforms and tools too, so we’ve made connecting 3rd party data sources to our platform a breeze no matter how specialist. And we can surface our solution in any number of ways – from Microsoft’s SharePoint to Teams. The right data at the right time and where you want it.

Insights in minutes - not months.

Speed to market and time to value have never been more vital, as brand teams respond to dynamic shifts to consumer behaviour and buying habits. 10th Man is ready to run right away. Simply connect your data sources and start acting on your marketing intelligence within minutes.

In the time it takes to get a coffee, you can compare performance over previous periods or year, filter and drill results, automate templates for website, paid media (display, search, social), ecommerce, organic social and organic search, media agency commissions and email. No waiting, just instant value creation. Marketing intelligence at the speed of you.

Specialised media capabilities – attribution and accountability

We specialise in accurate, fast media optimisation, spend pace control and attribution. With tailored tools and capabilities to empower your high impact, agile teams to give them a common performance management platform, with the flexibility to react and respond in our new fast-paced normal.

Think media vendor overrides, agency commission transparency and placement mapping tools. Integrate with media validation partners for campaign verification and import vendor spend and performance data for accurate media reporting. You can even configure standard and custom social conversions for use in standard reports and manage ad placement naming conventions and standard vendor and tactic codes.