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The world has changed, but most media and marketing intelligence software hasn’t caught up. Rigid, inflexible, expensive; so many solutions are just not intelligent enough. They’re too corporate and in a bad way.

Built on Microsoft technology for robust, easy to use and deeply integrated experiences, the 10th Man platform ensures data and its sources are assets that can be managed and optimised and that compliance, provenance and lineage capabilities are in place from the outset.

“Creating a unified view of performance across 50+ clients was always a challenge, until we started using 10th  Man. 
Right away, it provided access to all the metrics that matter to us and our clients.”
Keith Spisak
Keith Spisak
Group Director Paid Search

Delivering exceptional data quality.

To make decisions quickly, take action with confidence and ensure you get results repeatedly, you need to trust your data. Which is why we obsess about data quality and invest heavily to continually expand our unified data model to give you fast, lethally accurate, always available insights day in, day out.

Single click AI/ML for the inquisitive.

With billions of data points available within just a few clicks, machine learning can be deployed to rapidly provide clues, signal patterns and enable deeper interrogation. The tight integration of Microsoft Azure ML Studio realises the power of predictive analytics and enables the building, deployment and sharing of further machine learning solutions.

IP protection and data segregation.

The IP your teams develop – from scripts, code and even report commentary and annotations – is segregated for your exclusive and private use. 10th Man is structured to ensure you retain full control over the IP your teams develop so, in the unlikely event that you leave us, you maintain complete ownership of it. And where compliance requires it, our platform allows for data warehouses to reside within your own Azure instance or in specified geographies. It’s the cloud after all.

Data fluency across sources and data types.

We’ve developed a unified data model for media and marketing to smooth, simplify and make more accurate the data ingestion and transformation processes required to manage the rapidly expanding brand data universe and the sources within it.

Put another way, it means apples and apples evaluation across social networks, publishers and site analytics tools.  We’re source agnostic and proud.

“I’ve been waiting for a solution like this for 20 years!”
Profile Pic
Doron Faktor
Social Media Connections Director at VMLY&R

Controlled and precise access privileges.

We’ve employed Microsoft’s Active Directory technology for best-in-class authentication, security and tight control.  Zero trust comes as standard, providing peace of mind and efficient user management and control.

With multiple user roles defined for you to choose out of the box, building brand teams with controlled perspectives and privileges is a breeze.  Our system talks to yours, recognising a user when you add them and also should they leave your company too, removing them automatically from 10th Man too.

More advanced than the other guys. 

In 2019, one of WPP’s global digital agencies decided enough was enough.  They needed to increase their impact for clients and run a tighter, more productive outfit.  They’d tired of the drama of Datorama, and said no to the generic nature of Domo.  

The team just wanted one solution to consolidate their data and supercharge their specialist teams around the world.  And one without arbitrary limits.  That’s when 10th Man was born.

We’ve taken the best of the rest, then improved and extended what’s possible.  Global brands are migrating to our flexible, simple and powerful platform, enjoying the ease and risk-free migration to our solution, with a time to value of just minutes.