10th Man and Power BI together - Marketing intelligence made simple.

August 2022
Stuart Riddle
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10th Man and Power BI together - Marketing intelligence made simple.

When it comes to marketing intelligence, marketers, analysts, and data scientists want two things: ease of use and complex analysis. Too often, those are mutually exclusive. But 10th Man, with Microsoft Power BI, delivers both. 

If your business uses Power BI then you already know it’s the ideal tool for analytics. But, for marketers, it can be difficult to get what you need. 

Whether it’s a simple, compelling, insightful dashboard or a complex piece of cross-channel analysis, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. 

Power BI is a powerful blank canvas for integrating, analyzing, and visualizing data. But you can quickly hit the challenges we outlined in our recent guide, Buying, Building or Getting By. 

In truth, it’s harder than you think to build your own marketing intelligence:

  • There’s the time and expertise required, 
  • the challenge of getting internal consensus on metrics and reports, 
  • the challenge of connecting all your data sources and formatting the data, 
  • the challenge of simply delivering an agreed set of metrics on a regular, consistent basis.

10th Man means marketing intelligence, simplified.

When we started 10th Man, we wanted to solve those challenges. We deliver out-of-the-box insights that give marketing teams instant, best-practice metrics like ROI on paid media or site analytics. And we also make it simple to solve complex queries for those unique-to-you scenarios. 

We chose Microsoft Power BI to enable that.

“At the outset, we made a bet on Microsoft that Power BI would only grow in its ease of use and ability to impact, and I’m glad we did. Its deep integration within the 10th Man platform provides extraordinary levels of flexibility and capability for the insight analyst and data science teams that underpin the extended teams driving the global brands on our platform.” – Kevin Hewitt, CEO, 10th Man

The 10th Man data model enables you to quickly build, run and publish custom reports and analyses for your unique situation. 

USE CASE EXAMPLE: 10th Man clients have combined standardized digital marketing data with such diverse data as commodities pricing, economic indicators, and local weather. Others have created real-time tracking of social media sentiment against TV advertising, digital ads, and search trends.

With any custom Power BI report, you can save and publish it from within the 10th Man platform, rather than needing to switch apps back into Power BI itself. Streamlining the whole process, saving analysts a huge amount of time.

“I'm excited about the ability to get into the templates and be able to have the Power BI and advanced analytics functionality available to everyone. So, whether they have that Power BI experience or expertise or not, it will be available for them to continue to use, to advance the information that we're able to visualize and share as well.” – Group Connections Director, Organic Search

We’ve also built marketing-specific features like the ability to upload Excel mapping tables for analyzing campaign results like Google ads.

“With 10th Man we're able to look at performance across channels, tactics and creatives,” – Nikki Hardin, Group Director of Innovation and Data, VMLY&R

Why did 10th Man choose Power BI?

It pays to build with the best materials available. 

For the past four years, Gartner has rated Power BI top for both completeness of vision and ability to execute. It’s a recognized leader, it’s powerful and it’s highly scalable.

As our Power BI guru – and Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) – Meagan Longoria says, “Power BI is, quite simply, a fantastic tool to integrate, analyze, and visualize complex data. It has better data acquisition and better data modelling than other solutions.”

Power BI is an enterprise-grade analytics and intelligence tool. Other common tools are great for a single use-case, but they can be difficult to use in an enterprise scenario where you need to run multiple analyses and publish reports to a wide audience.

Power BI also comes with hundreds of data connectors for a huge range of data sources. 

Those factors make it ideal for 10th Man’s typical, global brand clients. 

Why should marketing teams choose 10th Man?

Brands using Power BI turn to 10th Man for out-of-the-box sophistication – streamlined, real-time and objective marketing intelligence. 

10th Man brings together analysts and marketers with our standardized data connectors and best-practice reports – type in your login credentials and you have marketing insights in minutes, not months.

US Navy’s Director of Analytics and Data Science explains the benefit for their use case: “You have the nice [10th Man] dashboards that are really user friendly and allow different levels of people to pull data like generalist marketers. So, you don't have to be an expert or a power user to be able to pull data in there.” 

“But,” she continues, “when we have our large planning meetings once or twice a year, we can go into the data discovery [Power BI] and really do some deep dives to pull insights that are bigger than the ones you use every day or every month.” 

10th Man also simplifies user control and security. Clients can assign and control roles within the 10th Man platform to meet their internal governance requirements. They can see all their Power BI permissions in one place within 10th Man.

“10th Man is the fastest way for us to make sure that every single campaign is delivering,” – Bailey Vincent, Media Specialist

10th Man supercharges Power BI for marketers and analysts

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful tool that delivers enormous business intelligence capabilities. But sometimes capability and flexibility can be overwhelming. With 10th Man, you harness Power BI’s advantages within a specific, marketing intelligence platform. We give you objective, consistent marketing insight in minutes, not months. And we give you the ability to dig deeper whenever the need arises.

With 10th Man, we give you marketing intelligence, simplified.

“The capabilities in the 10th Man platform are different than we see with a lot of our other tools, because we bring in the ability to deep dive in Power BI. That lets us answer immediate questions, quickly.”

If you’d like to discuss how we can help make Power BI reporting more accessible to your marketing team, please contact us here or email us at team@10thman.media.