Helping brands cut through to the signal

We believe better marketing intelligence is a smarter, more connected approach for global brands to manage commercial performance.

“We love the (10th Man) dashboard as it clearly communicates the impact strategy is having on the business.”
Global CRM lead
Intel Corporation

As Lenin said, “There are decades where nothing happens, and weeks when decades happen.” The new-normal flux requires an agility and critical thinking to respond effectively and with meaning.

Brand teams need ready access to rich, data-driven perspectives at a moment’s notice - to decide, change direction and move quickly. Everyone’s a data addict and an analytical thinker but traditional solutions now fall short, not to mention brim with bias.

Steal a march. 10th Man knows you need to be able to think, act, move and win, fast; armed with the knowledge - perspectives and aesthetics - that make your brand revered and you famous.

Take back control of your brand universe

Now you can leave “overwhelmed” at the door. The 10th Man platform automates all of the data management, making it beautifully simple and intuitively intelligent for you to ingest and standardise all the data you want, and to plan, align, optimise your marketing campaigns and resources. It should be simple and now it is

Brand console interface

Work the competitive angles and laser in on commercial results

From ROAS to revenue, pacing to profit, 10th Man automates data management and the reporting process, enabling you to make reliable, informed decisions and deliver results time and time again.

Analytics Dashboard illustration

View, plan, optimise and inform

From a family to a steep hierarchy of brands, global metrics to local insights, 10th Man empowers you to roll up and roll down as you need to. See your brand universe data from every angle, deliver local and operational views and fulfil regional and global reporting obligations.

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Share and supercharge your agency partners.

Consistency and transparency across your brand roster  come as standard, with the successful collaboration between brand and agency teams at the heart of what our software does and delivers.