Drive the conversation to deliver results – repeatedly.

Equipping high performance teams with the perspectives to take action on the high value tasks that deliver growth.

Agency team members working on computers.

Plan, live-tune, and report out your campaigns.

Insight, intelligence and innovation in real time. From SEO to paid social., display, website, video, paid search and email, it’s all considered and covered. Think Facebook/ Instagram conversions sorted, map sales or inventory to target tactical activity, manage placements, tighten attribution or create custom perspectives to optimise revenue and conversions.

“We looked long and hard to find the right analytics partner for VMLY&R and the brands that rely on us every day. 
We’ve invested in the relationship with 10th Man to create VMLY&R’s custom solution for performance analytics, data science & reporting, allowing our teams to rapidly respond to client demands with greater certainty and focus.”
Bryan Yamada
Brian Yamada
Chief Innovation Officer at VMLY&R

Diverse digital expertise hard-coded in.

We worked with renowned specialists at WPP across social, CRM, paid media, search, video and more, to identify the mission critical and priority cascade of metrics to hard code in so that your key intelligence is always ready to run. Click. Connect. Go

Client-minded, agency-designed.

Shared success of the brand and agency collaboration is our starting point. Simple, powerful capabilities to engage, plan, communicate and interact across extended teams. Mission-focused to commercially deliver for the client, whilst empowering the expert teams with up-to-the-minute data points they need to optimise to win. Out-of-the-box.

Agency members working on computers.

High impact visualisation and insight tools.

Our software and the perspectives it delivers are beautiful. We innovated the brand data user experience so you can enjoy the ride and love the results. Automate and transform your client data into beautiful, highly actionable insights that deliver commercial results. Now you can act awesome and look awesome.

Analytics dashboard illustration