The marketing intelligence platform that gets results.

Contributing to the success of the client and agency collaboration is our core mission. We do this with a fresh and unbiased perspective.

We live and thrive by the 10th Man principle – being the ‘extra’ mind on the team to seek creative, fresh perspectives, explore first principles and mitigate the risk of ‘group think’.

Ours is the belief – and proof – that dissent discovers and innovates new and better ways.

First and foremost, we’re here to help. This means ensuring you have what you need to make decisions quickly, take action confidently and deliver results repeatedly. It also means ensuring you enjoy the ride too.

“10th Man enables us to reach better client outcomes faster than ever before. The ability for our teams to quickly view any client’s revenue, conversions or campaign performance keeps us ahead of the pack.”
Eric Beane
Eric Beane
Exec. Director Analytics & Data Insights

Our purpose and vision

We see our purpose as empowering the high-performance teams we support to do their best work. Our role is to help you be and achieve awesome. Our solution roadmap is grounded in driving productivity gains whilst always raising the bar for user experience.

Our platform continues to rapidly evolve. We’ll extend our use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to surface priorities and help you deliver greater returns with forward looking capabilities. And we’ll continue to employ these technologies to reduce your administrative workflow with the likes of nature language features on their way.

More than that, we’ve grand ambitions to transform how data is delivered, consumed and acted upon. And we will continue to push the boundaries of presentation and visualisation to drive uptake and action. After all, we want our platform to be the place you want to be.

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Why 10th Man?

With centuries old origins, the modern-day manifestation of the 10th Man lies in military strategy (thanks Brad). The role is purposed to provide an objective, independent perspective to surface fresh competitive strategy and to mitigate the risk of group think. To think differently and offer an alternative. We felt this summed us – and our platform - up to a tee

At 10th Man, we believe in asking the right questions to get to the right answers. And to do this at scale, by using and presenting data – and the intelligence that comes from it - in intuitive, prioritised and differentiating ways, to aid cut through, be objective and drive commercial success.

The 10th Man icon manifests our role and outlook. The icon depicts a team of people seated at a table – we’re the green one, sitting alongside you, and flipped to evidence our different, objective perspective.

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Headquartered in London, we’ve offices around the world to connect with our global client base and ensure 24/7 support for the teams we empower and support. Please get in touch in one of the following ways:

Our values - Relaxed intensity.

We’ve filled our ranks with those with a real energy to drive change and improve experiences. We’re a highly capable team with backgrounds from diverse, leading organisations in the media and technology sectors. We thrive on working at the cutting edge of data science with world leading brands and super smart clients. Our team is known for being relentless in a good way. Working hard and being attentive to the details in every task, whilst being sure to smile and enjoy the ride. Creative resilience, self-accountability and innate curiosity are all facets of this. And we’re really nice too.

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Commercial impact and accountability.

Our value is in giving you the solutions that uncover new ways of working that unlock the talents and expertise of your team and keep a laser focus on how to supercharge your brands to success. From sales to gross margin, ROAS to pace, our solution is intensely commercial in its focus and outcome orientated to help you and your business outperform your peers and competitors. It’s more than just winning, it’s winning bigger.

Delight in the discovery.

Enjoying the journey is vital too. Bhutan has Gross Domestic Happiness - we have Net Delight. We want to partner positively with you and have internal processes and procedures designed to deliver on it. Our client partners tell us that 10th Man solves their pain points and our style of working fits with theirs. We like working with them and they like working with us. Hands on when you need, behind the scenes when you want, we’re as flexible and collaborative as our solution.

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