Marketing intelligence, simplified

The 10th Man platform supercharges marketing analytics and insight for some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies via streamlined, real-time, objective marketing intelligence.

“With 10th Man's analytics platform, we have a prioritized view of the mission critical metrics our global clients need to outperform. The beautiful dashboard and marketing insights provide the ability to deliver reporting in a consistent, reliable and comparable way.”
Tucker Cambell
Tucker Campbell
Senior Analyst at Innocean Worldwide

Designed from the ground up to be different and beat bias, we’re here to help you take back control of your brand universe and work the angles of competitive advantage.

Highly commercial and highly consumable, the 10th Man solution makes it beautifully simple and intuitively intelligent for you to plan, align, optimise your marketing campaigns and resources, then report it out.

Swap the day job of drowning in data for real, usable marketing intelligence.

Your brand’s plan and performance all on one page.

Zero in but also think big like never before. Brand gravity™ is our awesome tool that gives you a 360 focus on all of your plans, activities and outcomes. It enables extended teams to collaboratively align on the objectives, goals and KPIs.

Plan. Align. Optimise. Report.
Funnel area chart

All your data in one place (and we mean all/any data).

Have it all. From data sets to sources, have your brand’s entire universe of data in one, easy to use, interoperable place. This is real, usable marketing intelligence. From sales to social listening, pricing to POS, with 10th Man, you can bring in any kind of data from almost any system, and rapidly turn it into actionable insights.

Minutes not months.

Forget architecting and building reports from the ground up. 10th Man is ready to run right away. Click and connect your data sources to start acting on your marketing intelligence within minutes.

Fast and fully flexible for maximum agility and responsiveness.

Bounce out the bias

Our breaking of group think runs deep. Including the baked-in objectivity in our performance reports and the prioritised metric sets of which they’re comprised. Each identified, defined and delivered in concert with billion-dollar global brands and the specialist teams that drive them.

Leave the build-your-own solutions behind, and with them, the subconscious bias and company politics a cross-functional project team will struggle to omit.

Time to value in just minutes - click, connect, go.

Add beauty to the brains

Our software and the perspectives it delivers are beautiful. We innovated the brand data user experience so you can enjoy the ride and love the results.

Objective, high impact and actionable.  Today.